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ALLE Das KMK-Fremdsprachenzertifikat in der Beruflichen Bildung
ALLE Verweis auf die offizielle Seite der Landesschulbehoerde: Ansprechpartner/ Sprachfeststellungspruefungen
ALLE Leitfaden für die Durchführung von Sprachfeststellungsprüfungen (i.V.m. Erlass vom 01.07.2014 - folgende Zeile)
ALLE SchülerInnen Nichtdeutscher Herkunft
Berufsschule Zeugnisbemerkungen gem EB-BbS 
Berufsschule Ergänzende Rundmail zum Erlass über Zeugnisbemerkungen gem. EB-BbS
Berufsschule Erwerb des Erweiterten Sekundarabschlusses I
Berufsschule Informationen zur didaktischen Jahresplanung Kaufmann/-frau für Büromanagement
Berufliches Gymnasium Gültigkeit des NEUEN KCs
Berufliches Gymnasium Korrekturerlass für das Zentralabitur (Dezember 2017)
Berufliches Gymnasium Empfehlung: Pruefungsgutachten ab Abitur 2017 in Verbindung mit Excel-Datei "Berechnung der Abiturnote"
Berufliches Gymnasium Excel-Datei: "Berechnung der Abiturnote"
Berufliches Gymnasium Hinweise zur schriftlichen Abiturprüfung 2020
Berufliches Gymnasium Hinweise zur schriftlichen Abiturprüfung 2019
Berufliches Gymnasium Erlass 02.11.2015: Kombinierte Aufgaben ab schriftlichem Abitur 2017
Berufliches Gymnasium Operatoren für das Fach Englisch
Berufliches Gymnasium Erläuterungen zu ausgewählten Operatoren
Berufliches Gymnasium Merkmale verschiedner Textsorten
Berufliches Gymnasium Deskriptorenliste zur Beurteilung Sprachmittlungsaufgaben ab 2017
Berufliches Gymnasium Musteraufgaben zum Kompetenzbereich Sprachmittlung
Berufliches Gymnasium Musteraufgaben zum Kompetenzbereich Hörverstehen 
Berufliches Gymnasium Link zum Institut zur Qualitätsentwicklung im Bildungswesen (IQB)
Berufliches Gymnasium Überprüfung der Kompetenz "Sprechen" anstelle einer Klausur
Berufliches Gymnasium Materialien zur Überprüfung der Kompetenz "Sprechen"
Berufliches Gymnasium Erlass des MK zur Nutzung von elektronischen Wörterbüchern in der Abiturprüfung
Berufliches Gymnasium Vereinheitlichung der Gewichtung von sprachlicher und inhaltlicher Leistung: Erlasse vom 16.03.10 und vom 09.04.10
Berufliches Gymnasium Evaluationsbogen für die Korrektur von schriftlichen Abiturarbeiten
Berufliches Gymnasium Evaluation des Abiturs   (Checkliste für die Schulen)
Berufliches Gymnasium Evaluationsbogen für das mündliche Abitur (Seite 1: grundsätzliche Regelungen)
Berufliches Gymnasium Bildungsstandards für die Allgemeine Hochschulreife  
Berufliches Gymnasium Erlass: nachträgliche Zertifizierung von Sprachkenntnissen im Abiturzeugnis
Berufsoberschule Arbeitsgrundlagen für die schriftliche Prüfung
Berufsoberschule Empfehlung für ein Prüfungsgutachten
Berufsoberschule Deckblatt für die schriftliche Abschlussprüfung
Berufsoberschule Evaluationsbogen für die schriftliche Abschlussprüfung
Fachoberschule Hinweise zur Abschlussprüfung
Fachoberschule Empfehlung für ein Prüfungsgutachten


Schulform Beschreibung
Berufsschule Handreichungen zur Zertifizierung von Fremdsprachenkenntnissen in der beruflichen Bildung



Im weiteren Verlauf dieser Seite erhalten Sie Materialien der anderen deutschen Bildungsserver, der Sodis-, der Melt- und der österreichischen Contake-Datenbank

Schlagwort Speaking, 22 Ergebnisse

The Study of English as a Foreign Language (IEA part of the Six-Subject Survey 1968–1975 )

This study mirrored the French as a Foreign Language Study and took place at the same time (with data collection also in 1971). It employed a similar test of reading, listening, writing, and speaking. The objectives of this study included - an examination of the place of English in the educational system - an examination of the relationship between level of achievement and characteristics of the student, teacher, school, and the country - an analysis of errors made by students in responding to the test in order to obtain a grater understanding of how students learn English. Key Findings are given as well as major publications and a Link to the Study website.

The Ear, Hearing and Hearing Impairment - Communication without speaking ; an experiment

Communication between deaf people is different from that of people with normal hearing. They use, for example, deaf language (sign language). Information and ideas: Students should try to put themselves in the position of a deaf person and thus become aware of the restrictions experienced in ;normal everyday life by people with hearing loss. Can be used as basis for discussion. How should I behave towards people with such problems? What must I pay attention to? Where and how can I be of help? Relevant for teaching: Hearing defects/hearing impairment

; Physics and chemistry of water - Energy storage and release using water as an example

Strictly speaking, energy is stored not only in molecular movements and vibrations but also in the transition between physical states. During evaporation and condensation, water absorbs and releases a relatively large amount of energy owing to the strong hydrogen bridge bonds. Information and ideas: As background for the topic water as a means of energy storage and water in power generation , which is also important for thermal power engines, such as the steam engine. Even without going into thermodynamics, it is clear where steam engines get their energy from: The superheated steam contains a great deal of energy. Given the same volume, this corresponds to a high pressure that can move a piston.

The Ear, Hearing and Hearing Impairment - How does screen reading software work?

Questions are: Where else could such software be used? What are the benefits for various users? How does screen reading software work? What does this have to do with speech and speech synthesis? How does the historical ;speaking machine differ from the computer program? Information and ideas: Software of this kind is increasingly being used by young people as well. The paper thus covers a relevant topic and could be used as a basis in lessons ranging from language to information technology.

The Ear, Hearing and Hearing Impairment - Ideas on how to create recorded stories with role playing

In a recorded story or play, one or several people (narrators) tell a story and the appropriate background noises are created. Information and ideas: In a school project, there should be as many speaking roles as possible. In addition, sound makers are needed who make sure there is the necessary atmosphere, tension and excitement. The story can be performed live or recorded with the help of a computer or a cassette recorder. Relevant for teaching: Structure and function of a sensory organ Senses discover the environment Games to practise using the senses

The Ear, Hearing and Hearing Impairment - Loudspeaker

The pitch-frequent alternating current supplied by an amplifier flows through a coil in the loudspeaker. In so-called dynamic loudspeakers, this coil is in a ring-shaped permanent magnetic field. The coil is connected to a diaphragm. Through the passage of the alternating current, forces now begin to have an effect on the coil which is moved to and fro in time with the pitch frequency. The diaphragm is moved and transmits its vibration to the air, the sound is emitted. Information and ideas: The process of electroacoustic sound transduction can be explained very well to the students with the help of a technical device that is familiar to all of them. Furthermore, the production and propagation of sound waves ; important in human physiology for hearing and speaking ; can be shown. Relevant for teaching: Communication and understanding Vibrations and waves Acoustic phenomena

The Ear, Hearing and Hearing Impairment - Make megaphone or ear trumpet

A funnel collects and amplifies the sound when it is heard. When speaking a larger volume of air can be stimulated to vibrate as well (resonance). It is then concentrated on a smaller area of space. Incidentally, the ear trumpet is the original form of the hearing aid. Warning: Do not shout into the ear trumpet as it can injure the inner ear! Information and ideas: Opening question on ear trumpet: ;Why do bats have such large ears? . Students can test the effect of the ear trumpet themselves. Opening question on megaphone: ;When do I need a megaphone? . Students stand so far away from each other that they cannot understand each other when they whisper without the megaphone. What effect does the megaphone then have? Relevant for teaching: Acoustic phenomena Hearing defect/hearing impairment How hearing works Sound transduction

The Ear, Hearing and Hearing Impairment; - Sound propagation

The experiment ;tambourine blows out candle demonstrates clearly how sound waves propagate and that a movement of air particles is associated with it (You may use a bass drum instead of a tambourine). On the basis of this experiment the propagation of sound when speaking can be explained. Information and ideas: Simple experiment that can be reproduced easily in class. The media used in this information sheet are available as individual media files on the media portal of the Siemens Stiftung. Relevant for teaching: Acoustic phenomena Sound/acoustics: parameters Vibrations and waves Communication

The Ear, Hearing and Hearing Impairment - The speech spectrum

Human speech mainly uses frequencies between approx. 300 Hz and 3,400 Hz. Depending on loudness and gender, the weighting shifts more to deeper (whispering, men) or higher tones (talking loudly, women). Strictly speaking there are, however, always deeper tones to approx. 100 Hz and higher ones to approx. 10,000 Hz, even in speech. If these tones are missing, comprehensibility may be affected. Information and ideas: An understanding of these aspects is a prerequisite for telephone, radio, cell phone and hearing aid technology.

The Ear, Hearing and Hearing Impairment; - Tuning fork as ;simple sound

Tuning forks as well produce simple periodic tones but, strictly speaking, they are not really pure as there are several upper harmonics already overlapped. Information and ideas: Possible cross reference: Examination of aperiodic speech signals with the help of spectral analysis. Further information on this graphic is available as information sheet on the media portal of the Siemens Stiftung. Relevant for teaching: Sound/acoustics: parameters Vibrations and waves

The Ear, Hearing and Hearing Impairment; Teaching unit: From the drum to the eardrum - Waves in the water

When a stone is thrown into the water, concentric circles spread out from the spot where the stone hit the water. Sound waves move away from the source of sound in a similar way. Information and ideas: The well-known photo may be a help for students to picture the propagation of sound waves in their minds. (Strictly speaking a water wave and a sound wave differ with respect to the direction of the vibration ; transversal and longitudinal respectively!) Relevant for teaching: Acoustic phenomena Vibrations and waves

Immigration into English speaking countries

Englischsprachige Länder sind klassische Einwanderungsländer. Bei Großbritannien und den USA hat dies vor allem mit ihrer Geschichte zu tun.
Australien, Canada und die USA sind Traumländer für viele Europäer, die sich nach unendlichen Weiten und unverdorbener Natur sehnen. Durch ihre wirtschaftliche Stärke und ihr Entwicklungspotential sind sie vor allem aber das Ziel einer Vielzahl von Menschen aus der dritten Welt, die sich dort bessere Lebens- und Arbeitsbedingungen erhoffen. Ein Projekt des GK 12 des Erich Kästner Gymnasiums.

Hessisch-English Dictionary

The ultimate Hessisch-English Dictionary for all english speaking people on a business trip in Frankfurt

A Virtual Indian Village

A Virtual Village, created by Peter Gottschalk and Mathew Schmalz and housed at Wesleyan University, takes us to an Indian village in the northeast Indian state of Bihar, given the fictional name of Arampur (to protect the privacy of its residents). Interactive technology invites visitors to wander through the village using maps containing links to places and people. In 360-degree panoramic views, we visit temples, mosques, and shops; observe everyday village activities like eating, shopping, carrying wood, going for medical help, and visiting shrines; and listen to people speaking about their lives in the three languages of the village, Hindi, Urdu, and Bhojpuri (with English translations).

Jiddisch heute - (2) New York

Donnerstag, 25.06.2009, 08.30 Uhr, hr2
Von Katharina Teutsch

In New York hat sich in den letzten Jahren eine „yiddish speaking community “ gebildet. Im Stadtteil Brooklyn gibt es viele Konzerte jiddischer Popbands, jiddische Lesungen oder jiddische Stammtische. Jiddisch entwickelt sich in New York zu einer Identität stiftenden Alternative zu Englisch oder Hebräisch.

EU Project 'Be My Guest' - Online course of Russian language for beginners

The project dealing with the development of a basic Russian course online is already in its advanced stage. The 12 learning units have been created. The partners have recently recorded the texts and dialogues of the learning units. They will soon be programmed and uploaded on the e-learning platform.
The course material is structured in such a way to ensure as far as possible acquisition of both productive and receptive skills. Each unit consists of 4 main parts. The first is 'How to say it in Russian?' This part introduces language patterns, main vocabulary of the unit and grammar structures integrated in the learning content. The second part 'Listening and Reading' works on consolidation of the material introduced by practicing listening and reading skills. It is followed by the 'Listening and Speaking' part, which simulates various communicative situations through answering and asking questions, completing phrases, etc. The fourth part 'Exercises' provides language practice through interactive drills and concentrates on writing, listening and reading comprehension.

Talk a Lot Spoken English Course Book - DOWNLOAD

Talk a Lot is a great new way to learn spoken English. Instead of spending hours reading and writing, students have the opportunity to engage in challenging and fun speaking and listening activities with their friends. On this course students learn how to think in English as well as Talk a Lot!

German- speaking communities in Chicago

Spurensuche presents 20 topics that are important to the German-speaking communities in Chicago and the Midwest. This website is meant to be an interactive guide to further explorations of these topics.

German- speaking communities in Chicago

Spurensuche presents 20 topics that are important to the German-speaking communities in Chicago and the Midwest. This website is meant to be an interactive guide to further explorations of these topics.

The Study of French as a Foreign Language (IEA part of the Six-Subject Survey 1968–1975 )

The study investigated factors associated with the learning of French as a foreign language. Tests were developed to assess performance in reading, listening, speaking and writing. Two types of writing tests were used. The first could be reliably scored, being of an objective or quasi-objective nature. The second involved directed composition. The data were collected in 1971. Key Findings are given as well as major publications and a Link to the Study website.


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